5 Long Days: Team Denise Countdown to the NYC Marathon

Hello, friends!

Well, it’s no surprise that marathon week is finally here and the nerves have decided to kick into full gear (rhyming was unintentional). Now that my annual work conference is over with I have time to focus on planning out the next several days. Some would say that the race is the hardest part but I beg to differ. The pre-race planning is absolutely the most nerve wracking part of it all, especially for a race as massive as NYC.

Cue the freak out last evening. I have felt so overwhelmed by all of the details – where I’m going, at what times, who I’m meeting up with, the transportation, the start, the finish – that I think I need a vacation! Being very much a Type A planner, I have made a little folder for myself and my family and an internal itinerary of places/times from Thursday – Sunday. This makes me feel much better…ok, just a LITTLE better.

Regardless of the minutiae, I am excited for the experience. I have been speaking with Denise, my athlete, and her excitement is infectious. I really want Sunday to hurry up and get here already. Team Denise is ready to get the show on the road!

Here are some race details in case you’d like to follow us through the 5 boroughs on our 26.2 mile journey:

Tracking: Denise’s bib # is 18955 so you can track our progress using that number. As guides, we do not get a separate number as we are not official race entrants. I will be updating our progress on Twitter (@SassphaltRunner) and will also be signing up for the social media updates so you can see when Denise crosses each timing mat. Please tweet your support! I’d love to read Denise your messages while out on the course.

Spectating: If you plan to spectate, please let me know where you’ll be so I can keep an eye out for you. And if you’d like to go the extra mile, it would be great if you could make a sign for Denise. This is her first NYC Marathon so showing her how supportive NYC folks are would lift up her spirits during some of the lower points in the race (although we are hoping to not have any of these!).

Start Line: Go time for Team Denise is 9:40 – wave start 1, green corral. There is an Achilles AWD (athletes with disabilities) staging area where we will be located with all other athletes/guides. I will be wearing bright blue capris, a gray long sleeve, and my guide shirt so if you are around, please stop by and say hello, offer words of encouragement, and give some high fives to these wonderfully inspiring athletes. I continue to be amazed by their stamina and their drive to compete, fulfilling a longstanding goal deep within themselves reaffirming that ANYTHING is possible.

There is something so very powerful about the marathon – whether it’s your 1st or 101st – that only runners understand. You find yourself out there, you learn more about yourself than you did in all your years, and you reach deep within your soul for all the brilliance you can muster up on race day. It is an overwhelming experience and while yes, it can be about personal records and running a better race than your last, it’s about teamwork, friendship, camraderie, and perseverance. There is nothing in this world that world that will teach you that in a few short hours other than a marathon.




5 thoughts on “5 Long Days: Team Denise Countdown to the NYC Marathon

  1. Enjoy every moment and have the best time!! So excited for you!! Tell Denise to go get it and we’re cheering for her (and you)!! 🙂

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