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My name is Kristin and I’m a thirtysomething carving out my own little corner of the world in upstate New York. Originally from New York City, I graduated from the University at Albany in 2002 with my Bachelor’s in US History and English (creative writing). Being in the state’s capital allowed me to pursue opportunities in politics while obtaining my Master’s degrees in US History and Public Policy. I worked in the British Parliament, for Governor George E. Pataki, and for the state legislature analyzing healthcare policy. I went on to lobby for a nationally-esteemed and recognized women’s health association in 2007. In 2010, I closed the chapter on my politics textbook to lead all of the grant initiatives and clinical education development for my association.

ShiresofVT-1Why this blog?

As an avid runner, I started this blog in 2011 to journal my experience while training for my first marathon (Rock n’ Roll New Orleans) in the hopes of being able to support, encourage, and inspire others. And well, I just really, really like to write. This blog has transformed a few times since I first started it and while much of it is about the sport that has blessed me a thousand times over and has inspired me much more than I ever dreamed, I hope to also be able to chronicle life outside of running and share stories I find to be simply incredible. You mean, there really is a life outside of running? Sad, but true!

When I’m not running, I can usually be found cycling, reading, training two furry dogs not to run away, doing DIY home improvement projects (successfully and unsuccessfully), and lending a helping hand to give back in some way. All in my running sneakers, naturally.

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