Blog Policies


Bright Stride of Life is my personal lifestyle blog and reflects my own opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. While I work in public health, I am not a physician or health care provider. If you ask me what you should do for a certain injury, I will tell you what has worked for me, and then I will tell you to go see your doctor.


Are wonderful! But, when they are hurtful and/or disrespectful to someone else they are not welcome here. Please feel free to comment on any content you see on this blog but do so in a mindful fashion. If I feel that a comment does not reflect the true spirit of this blog, I will delete it. I don’t tolerate nonsense.

Disclosure Policy

At times, I will write product reviews. I give my Girl Scouts honor (12 years worth) and will always reveal whether or not I have received the product for free or have received any other such compensation from a company/brand for the review. I am thoroughly objective in my reviews and if the product is flawed in any way, don’t worry, I’ll tell you about it.


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