An Historic Birthday Gift

I am slowly crawling out from my Thanksgiving coma and by slowly I mean crawling at less than a snail’s pace. Between heading home last week and work traveling at lightning speed this week, I am dragging a bit. I’d love to report that I’ve had some stellar runs since the Garden City Turkey Trot (finished in 46:16), but I’d be lying. Have I had time to run? Yes. Have I wanted to? Not really.  Since I am not training for anything currently, I’m not distraught. Life ebbs and flows and down time is good.

I mentioned in my last post that I had a big birthday surprise up my sleeve for my dad who turned 65 on Thanksgiving. Not only was it his birthday but his first day of retirement was on Monday so I figured that a special gift was in order. On May 26, 2014 (yes, a bit far away) we will be flying on a World War II C-47 for a “D-Day Experience.” Without getting too nerdy, the Douglas C-47 was used by the Allies for military transport and the actual plane we will board flew during a D-Day mission on June 6, 1944. All passengers are outfitted with a paratrooper field jacket, helmet, and parachute pack and participate in a re-enactment of a pre-flight briefing that paratroopers storming Normandy were given. It’s all pretty cool if you ask me, but I’m biased.

Given that we are history buffs and that dad has been itching to do something like this for quite some time, I thought this was the perfect opportunity and would lead me one step closer to clinching the “World’s Best Daughter” title. This flight is offered by the American Airpower Museum on Long Island and takes off only twice a year (Memorial Day and Labor Day). The Museum itself has a great collection of operational World War II aircraft and paraphernalia. If you are a military history enthusiast, I encourage you to visit if you are ever in the Farmingdale area.

Now that it’s December I’m very much excited for Christmas (I love giving gifts to others) and to ring in 2014. My little village nestled in upstate New York celebrates its “Victorian Holidays” next weekend with trolley rides and historic home tours which is always a great time. As for 2014, I am dedicating the year to list making, task doing, home organizing, and DIY projects (more to come on this in a later post). Oh, and celebrating the big 3-4!

On a separate note, if you need a little inspiration, a little fire started in your belly to get you through the rest of 2013, I encourage you to read this article, Blind Ambition, about Erik Weihenmayer, the first visually impaired person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Erik is a true adventurer in every sense of the word and I am in complete awe.

How do you celebrate the holidays? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given to someone? Are you a history buff like me?

4 thoughts on “An Historic Birthday Gift

  1. That is a fantastic gift!! World’s Best Daughter for sure! I hope you guys have a phenomenal time!!
    Erik is truly amazing. We are big hikers/mountain climbers and saw a show about him and his Everest climb a while back. I’ve been meaning to read his book.
    Can’t wait to see what DIY projects you’re got going on. 🙂

  2. That is an absolutely fantastic gift! We are really getting into the swing of the holidays as well … and love the ability in our area of western NY to do charity work and see the impact!

  3. Super cool gift! Nice work 🙂

    Next year is 3-4 for me too. It gets harder to imagine I can accomplish bigger things year over year, and yet stay focused on doing that

  4. What a great gift!! My boyfriend would actually love to do that, too! Maybe he and your dad can nerd out together!

    I feel ya on not wanting to work out lately. I think it happens to all of us around this time of the year!

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