And the ZeroWater Giveaway Winner is…


John @SplendidStems! Congrats, John! Please e-mail me at with your contact information so you can begin your ZeroWater journey. Thank you to all who entered. You provided some really great info!



3 thoughts on “And the ZeroWater Giveaway Winner is…

  1. Awesome! No more floaties! I have been thinking about them every time I take a drink of water. Better than winning Powerball…Thank you Kristin. I will send you an email shortly!

  2. Just received the ZeroWater today. Had lots of fun testing the water throughout the house. Tap water 210. After going through Brita – 190. After going through Zero Water 000. Definitely taste great. My kids are hooked, too. A few hours after “playing” with it together, my 4 year old son asked for a glass of water. I gave him his glass and he asked “is this ZeroWater?”

    Thank you Kristin!

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