>Back in the Saddle

>I have been terribly absent from the little blog world I started to create a little over one month ago. To be honest, I haven’t had THAT much to say, mainly because I’ve been too busy to even think about what I WANT to say. This is partially due to the holidays and the fact that I had a huge grant proposal to write and submit before last Friday. Needless to say when that happens, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer and write some more.

But I’m excited to report that this epic proposal is DONE and I will know by early April if my organization gets funded. It would be a great opportunity to further tell the world just how awesome we are! No joke, we really are that awesome.

So between that and wrapping up the rest of my work life, Christmas shopping and running (T-minus 83 days until RnR New Orleans), there hasn’t been a lot of down time. Lucky for me, my office is closed beginning next Wednesday through January 3rd. And actually, next Tuesday is our office day at the spa/Christmas party. Oh yes, you heard that right. S-P-A. The wonderfulness of working with all women.

Since I last left you, the following has happened:

  1. I ran another 15K as part of the Hudson-Mohawk Road Runner’s Club Winter Series yesterday (1:31:18). This was the first of six events that culminates with a winter marathon/marathon relay on February 19th. I did NOT beat my time from my previous 15K last month. It actually wasn’t even my goal to treat it as a race; rather,  I am using these club races to get my long Sunday runs in and change up the scenery.  Each race progressively gets longer so this is perfect for me leading up to NOLA.
  2. Speaking of NOLA, travel is booked! This means I’m officially getting excited. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still nervous, questioning myself each and every day about whether or not I can run 26.2 miles. But, unless we try we’ll never know what we’re capable of — and we’re ALL capable of great things in this life.
  3. I love Christmas – anyone who knows me will tell you that. Of course, as we get older, Christmas changes. Just watch The Polar Express and you know what I’m talking about. While I consider myself a “do-gooder” all year round I especially like to do good during the holidays. RM and I have already donated winter coats for kids, I’ve adopted another soldier for the holidays, and we chose two local little girls to adopt (anonymous) and give presents to. We don’t have kids so knowing that I can do a little something special makes me feel good.
  4. And last but not least, I became super competitive during our little village’s Victorian Holidays wreath silent auction. Competitive as in, let me stalk the bidding table and make my move at the last minute, even if it means outbidding our local congressman.  My actions paid off….I won the wreath I had been eyeballing for a good 45 minutes.  
Ahhh, the fruits of my labor.
Up close and personal.
Oh and last, but certainly not least, I met with my ocularist today. I wrote a little about my eyeball journey in my November 10th post. After the mild torture last month (not really, but I figured this blog post was lacking in the melodrama today), things are progressing and I am one step closer to visiting his Rochester office for my scleral shell painting. More details on this in an upcoming post – it’s definitely worth its own little sliver of the blogosphere because ocularists are truly amazing artisans of their trade.

Happy Monday even though it’s almost over!

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  1. >I'm glad that the HMRRC race went well for you!

    I'm so jealous that you are running the marathon in New Orleans! I know you can do it, you just have to believe you can too!

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