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I’ve been a fan of BIC Bands (Because I Can) ever since hearing about them at Long Legs on the Loose. My hair is short so I especially need something that won’t fail at holding all the little scraggly pieces in place. While there are tons of headbands on the market many of them are overpriced and just don’t work – they either slip or are so tight that you can see your brains squeezing out of your nostrils. Seriously.

I think I just have an oddly shaped dome, probably from the time when I was little and jumped into the car and rammed my head into the door. Because of this childhood trauma, all headbands I’ve tried up until BIC Bands never worked for me. But now my prayers are answered…

I have the Red Sparkle Skinnie Minnie and A Touch of Fleur – love them both!

All of the designs are so fun and Sandy, the owner, writes you a cute little personalized message on your receipt. Love that sort of customer service. And, because I am so impatient and get excited to have gifts waiting for me at my door, shipping on these puppers is super fast. A portion of the proceeds from each band goes to charity which makes me want to buy all of them! (shameless plug for my Christmas list)

Big two thumbs up to BIC Bands for making a wonderful product for a great cause!

3 thoughts on “>BIC Bands Heaven

  1. >I need to start making a christmas list and I think bic bands are going to be on my list!

    I have never tried them but the good reviews out there are endlesssssss.

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