Bidding Adieu to 2014

For the past 3 weeks time has swirled around me like the Tasmanian Devil. It’s funny how it does that, especially at the close of the year. While I had wanted the remainder of 2014 to be filled with introspection and Christmas planning, that didn’t happen (not even a Christmas tree this year)…but that’s ok. I’ll be charging into 2015 with a will to renew body, mind, and spirit, to minimize and to focus on what matters most to me.

Mid-December brought a much anticipated trip to southern California for a wedding that had been in the making for, well, years. It was a traditional Indian ceremony and I used the opportunity to test my amateur photography skills, something that I began taking an interest in this year (I purchased a Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera over the summer with my credit card reward points). To be honest, I am amazed that the photos in the below slideshow came from me. They are raw and untouched and I have yet to decide whether I want to edit them or not. The lighting and the colors represented in the ceremony and in the women’s saris were breathtaking.

[slideshow_deploy id=’1505’]

After a long flight back from the west coast with 2 layovers and a delay, the following day was met with a visit from the roofer to tend to a leak that I noticed the day after Thanksgiving. Lucky for me, I’ll see him again in the spring to replace the full roof, crossing my fingers until then that it survives another northeast winter.

My dad came for a much warranted visit the following Friday to offer up his handyman skills in my kitchen. I started a kitchen facelift nearly 2 years ago and believe it or not, there were still things to be done (grout! moulding!).


I’m embarrassed that it took me this long, but I hate asking for help. The kitchen is looking a lot spiffier and only a few small things remain. The best part? My dad and I did this together, kind of like how we built my parents’ deck together when I was 4 and I fed him Twinkies and water for a well-rounded lunch of champions.

Hitching a ride back to New York City with my dad meant spending additional time with family during Christmas and had me counting down the days until they move closer (spring 2015!). And yes, Santa treated me well this year and there were a few gadgets under the tree for me to live creatively in 2015.


So, here I am, 2 days before 2015 and ideas abound of things I’d like to accomplish. Among them include more closely tapping into my creative roots, living more minimally, buying memories instead of buying things (with the exception of books), and setting fitness and healthy living goals.

And with that, I’m off to finish painting a spare bedroom and transform it into a serene workout space…

How did you close out 2014? Any home improvement projects you’re proud (or not so proud) of?

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