Bugs and Runs

In my last post about my longest run to date, I mentioned that I had some pretty serious stomach issues post-race. Basically, I wanted to keel over and die a very miserable and crampy death. I HATE talking about this stuff, but quite honestly, it’s probably a good lesson for us all. So let’s discuss.

I felt pretty great during the entire race. I ate a typical breakfast – cream of wheat, a clementine, and a cup of tea. Nothing crazy and my stomach was a-ok at the start. I wore my fuel belt filled with Nuun, a Luna bar, and 2 Chocolate Outrage Gus (deeeelish if you haven’t yet tried). I usually carry a Luna bar on long runs in case I get hungry and the Gus for obvious fueling reasons. I took advantage of the water stations and used a Gu around mile 8-9. I started to get a little hungry around mile 13ish so I took a few bites of the Luna (Chocolate Dipped Coconut if you must know. My knees cave for those.). No issues.

In all honesty, I even felt pretty decent afterwards. I wasn’t extremely hungry but forced myself to eat some bread, 1/2 orange, 1/2 banana, and some tea, while also finishing off my Nuun. We had to head to a birthday party about an hour away so the plan was to change into clean clothes in the car, spritz some lovely perfume, and we’d be on our way. Totally classy.

Last stop out of dodge after the race was TCBY. Like I said, I wasn’t THAT hungry but, you know, it’s TCBY and it was on the way. I had the strawberry kiwi sorbet with blueberries and chocolate chips. This was probably the death of me.

About a half hour into the trip I. HAD. TO. GO. While the NYS Thruway has ample rest stops it always seems that I have to stop in between them. This day was no different. I don’t have kids, have never given birth, but I imagine it feeling similar to how I felt after this run, minus the beautiful baby and tears of happiness and joy afterwards. Well, maybe some tears of happiness.


Luckily, I didn’t suffer the same fate as this guy.

Let’s just say, we couldn’t have made it to our destination fast enough. We actually stopped at RM’s parents’ so I could shower and be somewhat decent for the party, and so I could use the bathroom 20 times. My stomach was in knots but there was no way I was getting out of going to the party. I tried to have fun, picked on some small party snacks and passed on the cake. This was how the entire day went and long story short, I didn’t feel entirely better until late Monday.

So, what’s the culprit here? Stomach bug or poor nutritional planning? I’ve heard a variety of different cures – eat more bananas pre-race, drink Pepto or milk post-race. Someone even suggested taking Immodium beforehand which I definitely do NOT want to do. Did I eat TOO much?

Have you ever experienced stomach issues during a run? What’s your cure? If you tell me TCBY I’ll doubt your advice!

6 thoughts on “Bugs and Runs

  1. >I'm sorry that you had stomach problems!

    I've had that happen a few times, I think it has to do with nerves and eating food that I wasn't used to before a run. I haven't found a cure for it though!

  2. >I could see that happening if you had actual yogurt after the race but sorbet should have been fine (at least for me since its dairy free) but sometimes if i eat too much dairy after doing a long race or run my stomach ends up hurting. Not sure what it could have been…weird.

  3. >omigosh, I have seen this picture. I will NOT sh!t my pants to save time!!

    I hope those stomach issues get under control and you figure out what works for you! Happy racing!!

  4. >It's still a mystery. Maybe just everything jostling around gets to me. BUT, I am determined to not let this happen again! And Jess, I am totally with you on that pic. NO WAY!

  5. >I think it could be the Luna bar. I've had this issue with them before. Check the fiber content on it, it varies by flavor. I only eat them now after a run whereas I used to eat them before.

  6. >Good call! I'll have to check it out. I've had them before on runs but maybe it's time to switch to something else. Fingers crossed that this weekend's 18-miler goes a lot better. 🙂

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