Closing the Book

I have never been more ready for a new year. Just thinking about 2016 makes me excited to crack the spine on this new book and open that first crisp page, soaking in each letter of each word before my eyes.


Not that 2015 wasn’t wonderful – there were lots of sparkling moments throughout the year. There were also lackluster moments and sad memories. But, this is life and you take things as they are presented to you.


There wasn’t nearly enough writing or running, or giving myself enough time to do the things that are important to me. But, there was a lot of reading (shattered my goal of getting through one book per month), a lot of spending time with family, a lot of fear overcoming, and a lot of do-gooding. These are valuable trade-offs to me.

So, as I cruise into 2016, I reflect on those moments that made me a better person (and maybe those moments that didn’t), that humbled me, and that made me grow more confident in who I am. I have some big goals waiting for me and I cannot wait to spread my wings and fly this next year.



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