>Dances with Dogs

>As I’ve mentioned before, I have two fabulous (well, most of the time) rescue dogs that provide never ending laughs and are really just fun to have around. Baxter is 8 and he’s a St. Bernard mix and is getting crotchety and demanding in his old age. Minnie is 3 and she’s a Border Collie/Sheltie who looks all sweet but is crafty in her own right.  See, doesn’t that just sound like fun?! I’ve taken them both running in the past, together and separately, and while I think it’s great that it gets all of us out of the house and working hard, it’s a huge challenge.  Here’s a breakdown of how it’s gone down in the past:

Baxter: 70 lbs., high prey drive for small animals (and deer); barks loudly to communicate with his neighborhood canines; once he starts running his three minute miles are hard to keep up with; pees on everything upright.

Minnie: 40 lbs.; sounds like a chimp when she sees other dogs; stops to sit when she feels like it; poops at least five times on a short four mile run. With no garbage cans around you either have the choice of running back home or continuing on with a sack of poop.

When I’m on a run I like to zone out but if I take one of the dogs I have to be on high alert – Homeland Security style. Since it’s been a really long time since I’ve taken either of them, I decided to give it another try. I took Minnie because Baxter was out with RM, sticking his head out the car window, eating oxygen, and doing what dogs do. I also didn’t want to leave her to her own devices home alone so…

Human, let’s GO!

She was so excited and I’m not going to lie, I was excited for her. She had the biggest smile on her face and was strutting her stuff in her stunning attire:

Hunting vest but it works

We lost a light along the way and had to stop for two bathroom breaks but overall, it was a success. We even kind of dressed alike:

Some serious nighttime safety

And I have to say, while I was encouraging her to run faster, talking to her the entire way and getting her excited, in reality she was the one who was encouraging me. If I didn’t take her chances are I wouldn’t have gone out. It was a good bonding experience for us and I think I really need to incorporate a weekly short run into our routine, especially during the winter when they don’t get out as much. We only covered 3.2 miles and it was slow (32:17) but considering we stopped twice and worked through a couple of slow downs it wasn’t bad at all.

Do you run with your pooches? Any tips? What do you do when they have to stop to, you know, do their thing?

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  1. >We don't run with Bernie, we took him once and it wasn't enjoyable. I don't think he would be a very good runner, he has really short legs haha.

    I'm glad that you and Minnie had an enjoyable run!

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