Do You Get Nervous to Run?

This is a question I keep coming back to, particularly before long runs. But, let’s back up for a moment.

Training is going as well as could be expected. Instead of providing a weekly breakdown of what I’m doing on a daily basis (you can just look at Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 plan for that) I am just going to check in and from time to time touch upon something that went particularly good or bad. Let’s use this as a learning experience.

GOOD: For the past two weeks since my last post I have been able to hit my MGP runs at or below my intended pace on race day (9:15). I have frequently been coming in within the 9:00-9:05 range because it has been comfortable. Yes, I should probably go to the local high school track to figure out exactly what my pace is, but I don’t want to be tied down to the numbers. Provided I don’t fall in the street coming in under 5 hours would be a winning situation for Philly. I’m confident I can do that.

BAD: If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen that I posted this pic yesterday:

It’s merely a flesh wound.

Bad, very very bad. Funny thing is, I really did not notice this messy situation until I got home. No, it’s not ketchup and it’s not makeup. This is a case of chafing gone horribly wrong during my 11-miler (does it ever go right?). Without getting too personal, while I love Moving Comfort sports bras, I simply cannot wear them on long runs because of this cleavage chafing business. I will have to revert back to wearing my cheaper Champion bras from Target which I very much like but that don’t have padding – necessary for, ahem, colder weather conditions.

So, back to the title of this post. I get nervous prior to heading out for a run, especially if it’s a longer distance. I will procrastinate, think about everything I need to bring, contemplate all the “what ifs” (what if I get attacked by a mean, nasty fisher with shark like teeth? I swear I saw one in the road a few weeks ago.), and ponder the “how do I’s?” (how do I get home if I can’t make it through a run?) It is all consuming sometimes – until I get out there and just start running. Then it doesn’t seem as bad.

While there has never been a time that I needed to be picked up because I couldn’t make it home (and I have yet to be attacked by some small wolfy cat creature), yesterday’s run came pretty close. Aside from the boob carnage, I had some pretty terrible cramping at about mile 7 causing me to stop frequently to help alleviate the pain. It was a side stitch and normally I can overcome those but just couldn’t shake this one and it became progressively worse. I was properly hydrated and my breathing was good so I don’t know what I could’ve done to prevent it. All I knew is that I needed to get home ASAP.

Do you get nervous before a run? Did you run long this weekend? Ever had a chafing spectacle you care to share?

11 thoughts on “Do You Get Nervous to Run?

  1. The chafing looks like an Ouch! I get chafing from the seam of my Nike sports bras under my right underarm. Never the left, just the right seam. So weird. It can take me an hour or more to get out the door on some of my runs.

  2. I’ve been nervous about my runs since coming back from a knee injury. I need to get back to my training program, but I don;t want the pain to come back. I think it will take a few more pain free runs before I completely get my confidence back and run freely.

    I did a run in the rain a little over a month ago. Felt fine during the run, but when I showered – OUCH! Then I saw the telltale staing on my shirt. I never had a problem before that, I guess the rain caused more friction than usual.

  3. Ouch! I basically only chafe from my sports bras on my underarm, it’s annoying! I guess I should get body glide.

    I definitely get nervous before training runs, it’s annoying sometimes. I don’t really procrastinate going for the run but I am a nervous wreck before and for the first few miles.

  4. Omg, i ALWAYS get nervous before a long run. And then I start doubting myself, and then I end up pushing it back or cutting it short. The mental self-sabotage is the WORST! But, getting nervous means that you care, and that’s important, right?

  5. Chafing burns so badly in the shower. I have to wear to bandaids on all runs otherwise my nipples hurt for the next 24 hours. I definitely get a little anxious before all long runs. Usually worried about cramps. I had to bail on my long run this morning after 7 miles. Something felt wrong. Kidney stones acting up. Not hydrated enough. Will try again soon. In the mean time I have been putting the. Zero water pitcher to bodies today getting rehydrated. thanks for the entertaining post.

  6. I’m so glad you posted that and that others responded the same.

    I ALWAYS get nervous before long runs. I over-think every scenerio….psych myself out. Can I make it? Do I have all the proper fueling? What do I do if I see a creeper approaching? I’m 7 miles away from car/home –what if I have to go potty?

    This weekend I ran a 9 miler which seemed nice after the 10-13 I’ve been running for long days. No chaffing problems thus far but body glide is my friend.

  7. I sometimes feel a little nervous before runs…like especially long runs because I always think that I can’t do them until I get started. It’s a pretty ridiculous mental game, but in the end it all makes me feel so much better that it’s worth it!

  8. I know I am a bit late on this thread but thanks all – I though I must be a really odd person because I get so so so nervous about going for ANY runs! I’m still a beginner really, only been running for a few months and run a around 3 times a week. I’m training for a 10 mile race, so I HAVE to go out or I know I won’t be able to do that, otherwise I think my nerves would get the better of me and I probably wouldn’t go at all.

    Also – I think so far Ive been lucky on the chafing front… that looks sore! Hope you’ve healed up!

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