Stay Sassy, San Diego: Exercise & Travel

Sometimes it’s hard to sneak in a workout when you’re traveling, especially if you’re traveling for work. Packed schedules, early morning meetings, and late night dinners. How do you stay fit during all of this?

When I travel (for work or pleasure) I like to take advantage of the hotel gym because it allows me to use equipment I don’t have handy at home. I don’t belong to a gym so a little sweat session on the elliptical or even – GASP – the dreadmill gets me a little excited. But, when presented with outdoor running options I would much rather take it to the road than be confined to a shweddy exercise room. I like to map out a course and do some research beforehand so I’m not left getting creative with my routine.

Yoga bear? Getting creative...or maybe just getting bored.

I leave tomorrow for San Diego (for work, although I get to go to a baseball game on Monday night. Foot long chili dog anyone?). I’ve never been so I’m really looking forward to it and, if time permits, I want to explore the city! I’m hoping to squeeze in a few miles here and there along the beach but it will probably be really early in the morning which makes me a bit nervous. I’m going to pack my running clothes but might have to play things by ear. If it’s too early or too late I will have to take it to the treadmill. The American College of Sports Medicine has information for exercising while traveling which you can find here.

The other concern and consideration while traveling is staying comfortable on the plane, especially on a cross country flight. I’m very fidgety on planes because I can never get comfy. Because it’s been a while since I’ve been to the west coast (and on a 5-hour flight) I plan on wearing my Aspaeris Pivot shorts and/or my CEP compression socks to prevent soreness. Both are so snuggly, it’s like cuddling up inside a cloud. Big fan. Also, getting up to stretch out a bit is pretty important too although it can be pretty annoying for your seat neighbor.

Appropriate to do this in the aisle?

This time tomorrow I’ll be flying the friendly skies so I’ll catch you all from beautiful and sunny CA (I’ll be updating on Twitter so follow along @sassphaltrunner)!  But, until then, let’s chat…

What’s your exercise routine when you’re traveling? Do you wear compression on planes? Ever been to San Diego? Whatcha doin’ this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Stay Sassy, San Diego: Exercise & Travel

  1. You’ll love SD! Not sure where you’re staying but running by Mission Bay is really pretty.
    I do the same thing where I’ll use the hotel gym or do research about the area.
    I can’t usually get comfortable on long flights either. Hope your flight(s) aren’t too bad!!
    Enjoy your time on the West Coast!!

  2. I hope you are having a great trip!

    We don’t travel often and when we do it is usually to one of our parents’ houses. If we did travel a lot, though, we would most likely map out routes rather than use the hotel gym.

  3. I love the kitty pic. 🙂 I try to sneak in at least a little time in the hotel gym when possible, but since most of my travel is for pleasure instead of work, I generally stay active by just exploring my surroundings.

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