>Featured on Running with Sass Today!

>Heather over at Running with Sass recently started a “feature” series highlighting a different running blogger each week. Today’s my day! She was very sweet to give me this opportunity and I am grateful to be able to share my running journey with you. Check me and my yammering out here.

Oh, and be sure to say hello to Heather when you stop by (and wish her a speedy recovery with her foot, too!). She does an amazing job chronicling her running and non-running adventures and it’s always a great read. She’s even a Running Skirts sales rep so hit her up with some questions about all your skirting needs. Speaking of which, have you checked out today’s Running Skirt’s Schwaggle deal? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? 40% off AND free shipping – need I say more? Before you go, here’s my order for you:

Mums Midnight Athletic Skirt

Sparkle Hearts Athletic Skirt

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