Goals? I got ’em!

My first goal for 2012 is to use all of the local road runners’ club’s winter series races to my advantage and work them into my marathon training “plan.” This allows me to get my long runs in on Sundays as planned and not wimp out. Even though it’s free for members you can register the week before and for me, once my name is on the list it’s ON.THE.LIST. It’s all a mental game but holds me accountable. Hey, whatever works.

Thumbs up to winter running!

The start of the new year brought out nearly 400 runners for the half and roughly 200 for a 3.5 miler. I chose the half because, let’s face it, where else can you run a half marathon for free with great food afterwards? And, it’s not like I had a star-studded NYE party to attend the night before, so I could afford the coma inducing carbo load minus the Dom Perignon hangover. Not that I’ve ever even had DP in my life (it’s champagne, right?) but you catch my drift.

The goal for this race was to pace myself. I didn’t want to PR (although it would’ve been nice) and I didn’t want to tire myself out that I felt like I’d die a miserable death in the middle of the second loop (the course consists of three loops around the university campus).

Final time: 2:06:54.

Feeling happy. I’m hangin’ ten at mile 10, not throwing gang signs.

I choked down a Gu (Jet Blackberry…never again) around mile 8 in anticipation of dragging. It kicked in around mile 10 and I started to perk up from there. The weather was gorgeous for January in upstate NY – 50 degrees – but very windy. I could’ve gotten rid of the long sleeve but it would’ve taken too much effort to take it off.

Two series races down, three more to go.

On a separate note, I caved on Day 5 of Christmas cookie detox. I thought I could at least make it a week but with the season premiere of The Bachelor last night, I needed to scarf down cookies to diminish the agony that show causes. Mental agony. Are those girls for real?!


5 thoughts on “Goals? I got ’em!

  1. Great job! I would have been so bored on that run, I'm actually really glad we didn't run it. 3 loops, ugh!

    I love the picture, you're floating!

  2. Thank you both! Jamie, you should definitely hit up some of the others – they have varying distances.

    Two snaps for floating runner pics! I love those because they make me look like I'm working hard. 🙂

  3. Jet Blackberry is nasty, have to agree. On your post run nausea via Run Addicts on Twitter… my experience has been that dehydration can cause sour stomach. Check your fluid and electrolyte intake during your runs. Also your fueling, not enough caloric intake or too much simple carbs can lead to same. Just my opinion based on experience. And after 90+ min of running I always have a post run snack asap, something with 4:1 ration of carbs to protein, to start replacing glycogen. Hope this helps and best of luck. Keep making strides.


  4. @reddirtrunner – thanks for the tips and encouragement! Total rookie move most likely on my part. I had a post-run snack like I usually do which was then followed by strawberry kiwi sorbet. That could be the culprit. 🙂 I'm going to do a post on this issue because I think it's so important.

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