Hello & Goodbye: Mizuno Wave Sayonara Review

Hello and happy July! Where has the time gone? June found me getting back into the running swing of things after some down time. I’m excited to begin ramping up my mileage once again and I am focused on challenging myself with an ambitious 5K goal at the end of August (more on this later). But what has me even more excited is the newest addition to my running shoe family:


These babies will be on store shelves July 5th.

Matching bedding not included. This type of coordination is not normal.

I was so happy to be chosen as one of Mizuno’s wear testers for their latest and greatest, the Wave Sayonara. While I haven’t worn Mizunos for all that long, when I fell for them, I fell HARD. I was like an obsessed teenager over her first boyfriend. I started wearing the Wave Precision 12 after last year’s stress fracture and was pleasantly surprised that I finally found something that worked for me out of the box after some deep sole searching (pun intended).

Finding out that my Precisions would be breaking up with me this summer had me devastated (“It’s not me, it’s….YOU?!). How dare an inanimate object throw our relationship away like this. Regardless, I purchased every one in my size I could find then I resigned myself to the fact that I’d eventually have to start wearing a new shoe. Enter the Wave Sayonara.

Think of the Wave Sayonara as the smarter little sister to the Precision. If you don’t wear the Precision then this might not make much sense but it is a stripped down neutral trainer that includes only the smartest design features. While I never found the Precisions to be bulky or excessive, the Sayonara improves upon the Precisions’ design. It’s a love fest. Let me briefly break it down for you:

Fit: Slightly different than the Precision, quite possibly better. Out of the box I thought the Sayonara fit rather snugly around my arch. I was a little worried but after 2 runs in them, there were no issues. They actually cut down on mild sloppiness by securely hugging my foot a bit better. As for the toebox, this area seems to be pretty much the same for me, perhaps a tad larger. This isn’t problematic for me as I like the extra space to prevent bruising of my precious little piggies.

Form: The heel drop is lower (19/9 heel to toe) and the overall weight is lighter (7.1 oz. vs. 8.0 for both the Precision 12 & 13). For me, the drop is noticeable and it will take my calves some time to adjust – they were a bit sore after both of my runs in them. Overall, the shoe is sleeker and more streamlined than its predecessor which I like (and the overlay is pretty awesome, too). They also have the traditional plastic wave in the heel that has become synonymous with Mizuno’s running line.

Function: This is definitely a fast shoe and would be perfect for speed workouts or races. I’m not sure what my distance threshold will be in the Sayonara but seeing as though I have run all distances in the Precision I would be willing to push the distance a bit in these despite their lower profile. I’m toying with the idea of reserving their use for Wednesdays, my speed days, and short distance races. I’m interested to see how many miles these will buy me as my typical range seems to be anywhere from 250-275 (all road). I seem to be on the lower mileage end than most which makes me wonder if I am particularly hard on my shoes (I’m thinking yes).

Overall rating: B+. I’m surprised that these fit comfortably straight out of the box. I can only give then a B+ right now since I haven’t put many miles on them just yet but am hopeful that I will experience Mezamashii and comfy calves soon. Oh, and if you don’t know what Mezamashii means (“brilliant run” in Japanese) you can find out more by clicking here.

Disclaimer: I was given a free pair of Mizuno Wave Sayonaras by Mizuno to test drive them prior to their release, as was a friend. The opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

What shoes do you typically run in? Do you like a lighter feel? Can you recall a brilliant run you’ve had? Brilliant can mean anything – free, fast, blissful!


6 thoughts on “Hello & Goodbye: Mizuno Wave Sayonara Review

  1. For road running, I wear Saucony Guide 5s; I haven’t yet tested out the new Guide 6s. For trails, I love Brooks shoes. I just got two new pairs of Guide 5s (clearance – the last ones I could find), so I’m not sure I’ll be in the market soon; I tend to get around 300-350 miles before I need some changing out. I haven’t gotten that many trail miles yet, so I’m still going strong with my Brooks, although I really want a new pair because I’m sure they are old, even if their mileage is low. I used to wear Nike on the roads, and when I put on the Saucony, I immediately felt the difference.

  2. I usually know I’m at 300 miles before I look it up! The feeling enters my feet, I think “Man am I at 300 already?” I look it up and yes, I am. So strange! Interesting shoe, I’ll have to check it out.

  3. I’ve run in asics, Brooks, and now I’m using Nike lunar glides and really like them. I’m kind of stuck on Nike right now, but I’m always open to change when it comes to sneaks! 🙂

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