Hello. Goodbye.

There have been many goodbyes over the past 2 months. Some are yet to come. Some were sad, others were (or will be) bittersweet, and then there are hellos and shining moments in between.

It’s taken some time to write because my world has been a bit topsy turvy and I haven’t had much of a routine. If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you have long known by now that the last weekend in April had me on cloud 9 after saying hello to this fine singer-songwriter:

Hello, Ed Kowalczyk! Fangirling for over 20 years. Ed is the former lead singer of the 90s band, Live.

Then, the next day, my parents placed an offer on a gorgeous house 8 miles away from me just outside of Albany, New York, saying cheers to a new beginning. It’s bittersweet to kiss the house I grew up in farewell, but also exciting to create a new set of memories. I’ll never forget the nights spent catching fireflies on the front lawn, long summer days in the pool, and scaling my swing set only to get caught on a screw and find myself hanging upside down (no judging) while my parents laughed until they cried. Yes, you can take the family out of New York City, but you can never take the New York City out of the family:

The following day I sadly said goodbye to my dearest companion who I had the pleasure of knowing since she was 8 weeks old. I remember the day I chose her, the day she cuddled up next to a complete stranger with ease as if to say “Hey, you’re mine.” Saying goodbye was heartbreaking and I still find myself getting weepy, but at the same time, making the decision to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge was easy because she was so ill and weak in her final days.

photo 2
Farewell, my sweet Fiona. May the other side of the Rainbow Bridge be filled with catnip to indulge in, big fluffy beds in which to sleep, and canines to harass to your heart’s content.

Heading out to San Francisco the first week of May for work was a much welcomed distraction and once my work duties ended, I found myself straying to the nearest tattoo parlor on somewhat of a whim:

A song quote from Live. I couldn’t help myself. It summed up life at that moment so perfectly.

I hiked Muir Woods to say hello to the biggest trees I’ve ever laid eyes on and it was indescribable. My heart was so full in this moment after feeling so empty the week before.


And now, with July here, I am reflecting on the past few weeks of June where I said hello to this newest addition, a yet to be named 3 year old calico Persian, who we picked up near Fort Drum (no big deal, only 3 hours away):

Taking name suggestions for this friendly lady who snorts, comes at the command of a whistle, and is open for belly rubbing business.

As if there wasn’t enough activity swirling about, summer home renovation has commenced with a new roof and siding that is currently in progress. My old home didn’t get the love it deserved until we moved in 7 years ago so these upgrades have been long-awaited. Goodbye old siding and leaky roof.

I very much want to hug and kiss my new blue house every time I roll up my driveway.
Work in progress.

So, there you have it. Lots of hellos, many goodbyes, and some truly unforgettable moments in between. What does the rest of the summer have in store?


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