>Holiday Retail Therapy (for Myself)

>Now that I’ve fully recovered from holiday traveling and a self-induced food coma (well, THAT took a while), I have a little confession. I just started Christmas shopping. One gift for someone else equates to two gifts for me. I think that’s reasonable. How else can you possibly handle throngs of mallrats and cyber shoppers without treating yourself for your hard work?

I have been contemplating getting a new pair of kicks. Now, I just bought a new pair of Adidas Adistar Salvation 3s back in September and while they’re comfortable, flashy and sassy, they’re a bit clunky (10.9oz). Biomechanically they’re the right shoe for me and they hold up great during long runs but I wanted something a little zippier for shorter distances.

Enter: Fleet Feet Sports. I shop here on a regular basis but never get fitted for sneakers because I can’t sit still and don’t like people touching my feet (fact). But, I figured if I’m going to do it right I’ll tolerate the inadvertent foot massage. They were excellent, took their time at fitting me and I ran away with a lovely pair of the Asics DS Trainer 16s. I’m not beholden to any brand and I don’t endorse brands – just go with what feels right, it’s as simple as that.
Since my purchase I’ve completed several shorter runs and two track workouts. These Asics are like a dream – a very comfortable, cushy ride. They are lighter (8.5 oz) and speedy and I will eventually build up to long runs in these. I’ll consider wearing them for the Rock ‘n’ Roll NOLA Marathon on March 4th but will probably need to swap out for a new pair since these will be toast by then.
Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE my Adistar Salvations but it’s always nice to have a backup pair.
What do you run in? Adidas? Asics? Your birthday suit?
Happy running!

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  1. >I've run in probably every brand except for New Balance and Adidas. Finding a shoe to correct my overpronation was an expensive journey but now I run in Brooks Adrenaline.

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