Hot Yoga Funk

Has it really been almost TWO WEEKS since my last post? My apologies!

I’ve been slowly dragging myself out of a running funk these past two weeks and quite honestly, I haven’t had much to talk about. I’m not sure how this funk started in the first place but I’m trying to get rid of it. I’ve committed myself to the Runner’s World Run Streak (#RWRunStreak on Twitter) and I’m hoping that running each day until July 4th will smoothly transition me into marathon training – even if it’s just a few miles. If you follow me on Daily Mile you may have noticed my abysmally low weekly mileage. I need to change that STAT.

Source: Pinterest. Some good advice right here. That Dr. Seuss, he was a smart guy.

So, nothing earth shattering has happened in my world since my last post, but I did venture out to try hot yoga with my fellow Ragnarian, Melissa:


We took a Hot Yoga Flow class at The Hot Yoga Spot (appropriately named) and it was a first for both of us. From the way I understand it, “hot” yoga and Bikram yoga are different in that the rooms vary in temperature. Our room was heated to 90 degrees whereas in Bikram you’re yoga-ing in 105 degrees. I think this is really the only difference and I can’t imagine being in a room any hotter.

While it was a beginner class I felt somewhat unprepared. Sidebar – I will never rent a yoga mat again and immediately bought my own later that day for fear of flesh eating bacteria. I sweat more in that hour long class than I did running for 5 hours during RnRNOLA. Holy Hades, it was like being in a sweat lodge. Everyone else in the class seemed to have their yoga flow under control except for me since I was slipping and sliding all over the place. But, aside from looking like a butthead and actually being kicked in the head (true story) I would try it again – with my own mat, 15 gallons of water, and at least 3 bath towels.

The class was reasonably priced ($15) and the studio holds a Hot Runner’s Yoga class throughout the week which I am interested in trying to mix up the routine a bit.

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Any notable accomplishments over the past two weeks? Ever try hot yoga? Thoughts? Talk to me, Goose!

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  1. I’m positive it’s really good for you. I tried to do regular yoga but just felt it wasn’t calorie burning enough for me. Maybe the hot yoga burns more calories!

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