Island Daisy Designs (& Coupon Code!)

Happy Thursday! While 99.9% of this blog is running related, sometimes it’s nice to post about other things. Today I’d like to introduce you to the wonderfully talented Christina who owns Island Daisy Designs.

I first met Christina through Twitter. She is a fellow runner who, in a year and a half, went from being morbidly obese to a half marathoner. AMAZING! On the side, Christina keeps her creative juices flowing with her Etsy store Island Daisy Designs which features not only beautiful handcrafted jewelry but also crocheted pieces. I always admire people who are crafty and who have a genuine knack for it.

Let’s get to know Christina and how she got started.

Christina and her husband Joel live in the great state of North Carolina.  Island Daisy Designs opened on Etsy in September 2010, however, she did not begin listing items until July 2012.  Christina has been into crafts for as long as she can remember and has fond memories of going to summer camp and outside of swimming, the campers’ daily crafts were her favorite activity.  Growing up she watched her mother crochet blanket after blanket for family and friends and thought that her creations were so inspiring.

Christina began crocheting and making jewelry regularly as a way to escape the daily stresses of life.  She says:

When you are creating an item your mind focuses on what you are doing and not on that huge deadline you have at work.

People began requesting her items (much to her surprise) and it was then that she decided to open her Etsy shop.

Each item she lists is carefully thought out and designed and handcrafted by her. She loves creating items for others knowing that these may become items folks will treasure for years to come.

Christina sent me the beautiful Spring Time Memory bracelet. It’s gorgeous and the quality is spectacular. You can tell that it’s extremely sturdy and that it’s a piece that will last a long time. I love it and can’t wait to wear it!

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As a thank you, Christina is offering 20% off all purchases at her store through the end of February with the code SASS20. Valentine’s Day (and my birthday) are coming up so check out Island Daisy Designs for that perfect gift!

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