Kicking off September Right – Shredding Goals

Happy September! When we think of September our minds often wander off, dreaming of crisp fall air, changing leaves, cider donuts, pumpkin spiced coffee, and everything else that comes along with fall. Unfortunately, here in upstate NY, we are in a bit of an indian summer mode with extreme humidity and rain. While fall doesn’t technically come for another few weeks, I hope we experience a cool down soon. As I wrote on Daily Mile yesterday, this weather is killing my soul.

Looking back at August, I made some great strides (no pun intended) with my running of the Hilltown Triple Crown race series. I was the winner of the women’s 30-39 age group and I honestly couldn’t have been happier. After being stuck in a bit of a running rut since May, this is one award I am proud of. I never win anything!

While I didn’t PR the Altamont 5K (25:24), my goal race, I did PR at the Pre-Fall Classic 5K (24:57) the week before. How this happened, I don’t really know considering this was a hillier course. I actually struggled a bit during the Altamont 5K, a course that I run day in and day out, so I was a little embarrassed to have to stop to help relieve a bad side cramp. I started out too fast and I petered out just as quickly. Sometimes it’s just not your day, it’s not meant to be, and that’s ok. I still want that arbitrarily elusive 24:00 or under time but for now, I am pleased with where I’m at for this distance.

Now that I’ve gotten my 5K fix (no more for a while, please!) I am ramping up my mileage for the Mohawk Hudson Half on October 12th and possibly NYCM on November 3rd. My goal for the half is 1:50 but I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to doing the speed work necessary to get there so improving on last year’s time of 1:54 would be just as great to me.

August brought with it a lot more time in the saddle and I am hoping to continue riding until it gets too cold. I’ve seen changes in my body and believe the cross training improves my running. And, I just love riding my bike (aka White Lightning). So, with all of that said, I feel as though I’m in a good place…

…to begin a FALL SHRED!


I am so excited to kick off the month with a set strength training plan, carefully prepared meal plan, and accountability to a great group of women from all fitness walks of life. I am not one to talk about food (except for some “daring” pre-race meals) let alone take pictures of what I eat. But, I am eager to share my experiences with this month long journey courtesy of Bobbi McCormick. I will save the details for a later post but I will say that this will give me the proper kick in the running shorts that I need to tone up and take the guesswork out of what I eat which seems to be a constant stressor for me.

Did you crush any new goals in August, running or otherwise? What do you have in store for September? Have you ever completed a shred program and if so, any advice?

5 thoughts on “Kicking off September Right – Shredding Goals

  1. I’m there with you about the weather killing your soul. I feel like I can’t enjoy my runs because I’m drenched in sweat before I even hit a mile! I just keep reminding myself that I will be stronger once fall weather hits!

  2. This weather is killing my soul and ruining my happy hair days.

    That aside, I’m super excited to go through the pains of the Fall Shred with you. Right now I hate plank ups more than anything, but ask me after tomorrow’s workout.

  3. You are going to do awesome in the half, and WHEN they are smart and pick you for NYC I know you will kick just as much butt and be a huge inspiration to everyone in the process.

    September is a weird month for me, definitely have a lot going on but will end it with taper as next marathon is beginning of October. So there will be some heavy training the next few weeks, and then some tapering (aka crazies).

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