>Long Island Is a Runner’s Death Trap

>I was back in the Queens/Long Island area over Thanksgiving and the weather was so beautiful that it would’ve been a sin not to take advantage of the warm temps. One minor problem, though: running in these parts is like playing a deadly game of Frogger and I’m pretty sure my family didn’t want frog legs served on their doorstep. I figured this would be a great time to get a few track workouts in, do some speed work and then die from horse barn fumes wafting across the street from Belmont Racetrack.


One of the local high school tracks is about 1.5 miles from my parents’ so I figured I’d run there, do some “modified” Yasso 800s and then head back. I say modified because I use the RunKeeper app on my iPhone to calculate mileage and for pacing but I will never stop to look at the clock or configure the stopwatch. Yes, that’s lazy but with my luck, I’d drop the phone in a pile of horse poop, slip in the poop, and then get hit by a car. So, I cut my losses and decided to go with my original plan.

I hit up the track twice. On Friday, I went right round, baby, for two miles. I was feeling speedy even though it was pretty warm out. I alternated (somewhat) – 800m faster than my normal pace which averages 8:45, a slower 400m, etc. It felt good to get some speed work in and I repeated a shorter version of Friday’s workout on Saturday. Overall, I clocked some 7:30s so I was happy. In case you’ve never seen a track, here’s what one looks like, minus some horses and jockeys:


I was lucky to get out of runner unfriendly Long Island alive. You have to be alert every possible second and it was hard to just zone out. Even people on the sidewalk took their time getting out of my way. People, I’m working hard here! Scoot over, please! Needless to say it’s a VERY different experience where I live.

I’m hoping to make it a point to get small track workouts in throughout the summer. The plan right now is to run to the local high school (~5 miles), do some speed work and then run back – at least twice a month. We’ll see if that tops the new year’s resolution list especially in a monster Arctic snowstorm!

How do you get your speed work in? Like or dislike the track? Any tips for running in the winter?? (And by running, I don’t mean to the pantry for cookies.)

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  1. >We just did a track workout (somewhat) today. It wasn't horrible but my stomach was bothering me so I only managed two 400s (plus a 1 mile warmup). Hopefully we will do some more soon!

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