Marathon Relay Recap: First at 32!

There’s a first time for everything, right? Such was the case this past Sunday – my first marathon relay.

When my two fellow Ragnar team ladies, Melissa and Jen, mentioned that we should run the local road runners’ club winter marathon relay together I said yes. I was convinced that after my last winter series race (my 20 miler) I was NOT going to run around the hamster wheel that is the university campus -EVER. AGAIN. But how could I say no? For one, we are running Ragnar Adirondacks together in September and it was a chance to spend some QT with some amazing (and speedy!) girls and two, my leg was only 11 miles which dovetailed nicely with my marathon training "plan." Sold.

Pic hijacked from Jen!
Compression socks outside of spandex = fashionable.

It wasn’t just my first marathon relay (or relay for that matter), but it was also my first race as a 32-year old. My birthday was on Saturday and after a 6-mile morning run and breakfast out, Rickipedia and I spent an awesome day in VT. Overall, the whole weekend was a blast and I’m glad the relay was part of it. I don’t feel as old or crotchety as I thought I’d feel at 32. Bloated? Yes.

The relay was well organized and coincided with the Winter Marathon which got me thinking – Rock n’ Roll New Orleans is in TWO WEEKS. Watching local marathoners gave me a bit of a confidence boost but minor freak out begins…NOW. I am so preoccupied with this whole thing it isn’t even funny. Marathon nightmares have even set in. The other night I couldn’t find the start line and when I did, I was hours behind everyone else. Cue heartburn. I know I will be just fine (hopefully the weather holds up) and I fully trust in my training but the anticipation is the worst part. Ok, leaving Tangent City and Digression Road now.

The weather for the relay couldn’t have been any better. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen and even though it was chilly, it was pretty pleasant. The volunteers are really what make the race and I remember to thank each and every one of them at every chance no matter how many times I loop past them. The race cost a total of $20 and was no frills – no chip timing, no shirt. Runners were responsible for remembering the times for each of their legs. No stress – I kinda liked it. Overall, a great day with great people!

Leg time: 11.89 miles/1:47:15 (9:01 pace)
Full relay time: 4:15:13

Have you ever run a relay? Planning on one in 2012? Do you feel old and crotchety when you turn another year older??

4 thoughts on “Marathon Relay Recap: First at 32!

  1. Awesome job! I love that you are doing a Ragnar together!

    We are doing a relay this year, the Seneca 7, and I'm doing the Around the Bay 30K relay with two other people.

    I do feel old when I turn another year older! I know I'm not that old, but as I get closer to 30 I freak out a little bit!

  2. Wow – relay extraordinnaire! And don't worry about 30. Seriously, life got so much better at 30. And it's easier to act like you're 12 because you just don't care! 😉

  3. Woo awesome job! Saturday was a beautiful day for a race. I saw the marathoners/relayers running when i was out doing errands! 🙂

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