Marathon Training is a Breeze!

Or not.

When I started on this journey months ago, I doubted myself. 26.2 is a long way to run. I can hang on for 13.1 but anything longer than that and I feel like I could give up at any moment. I’ve been able to prove myself wrong several times over. I CAN run longer than 13.1 and really, it’s not that bad. Or, is it?

Once I put my mind to something there is no turning back. I committed to RnR NOLA long before I forked over my credit card. Let’s face it. I knew I wasn’t going to NOLA for a mere 13.1. That wasn’t an option. I was going the distance even if it meant I had to crawl or be dragged across the finish line.


In my last post I wrote about how I was able to overcome the misery of my longest run to date – 18.6 miles (30K). I pushed through and I did it. I felt a little accomplished and a lot tired. That’s kind of how last week panned out. That 30K put me at a peak of 31 miles for the previous week which, come last Monday, January 23rd, left me exhausted. Not to mention, I was (dudes, cover your ears) PMSing and eating everything in sight – some healthy choices, some not. Last week, was very lackluster for me and I tapped out at ~14 miles for the week plus 1 hour on the trainer. Lame.

So, what happened? I don’t really know. I think the combination of exhaustion, both mental and physical, got the best of me. I felt very ashamed. I had come so far already and for a fleeting moment I thought all my hard work was going to slip away. But I knew I would never let that happen. Sometimes our bodies just need to rest, replenish and recoup. And, that’s good.


That’s what I’m chalking last week up to. I’m hoping that from here on out, I don’t suffer anymore setbacks. I’m working my rump off to prove to myself – not to anyone else – that I can DO THIS. I never thought this journey would be a breeze nor did I expect it to be. I really thought last week was it for me – I even considered throwing in the towel – but, I’m kind of lucky. I have not been injured, I have been treating myself well and eating right (yes, brownie cake is like being kisses by angels). If last week was the worst I’ve seen in this marathon training journey of mine, then I already consider myself a winner!

Have you suffered any setbacks in your training? Ladies, HOW do you handle running and PMS when you feel like you can’t even get out of bed?!

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training is a Breeze!

  1. You can do it! You've got this!

    I've definitely had some setbacks with injuries and I just try to recover as quickly as I can.

    You ARE a winner!

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