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As I make amends with the fact that March is indeed roaring in like a lion with 3-6″ of snow predicted, I keep reminding myself about what I truly love in this world (definitely not snow), in my life, and what I could be doing to nurture that love. Inspired by Courtney Carver’s post, How to Make a Love List, I decided to put my own together. In my previous post I mentioned how turning 35 I felt content and whole, and confident that this would be my best year yet.

So, here it is – my love list:

  • Read one book per month minimally. I’m on a roll these days & have 7 in the queue. My current read is Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen. Here’s a good synopsis of it.


  • Practice guitar. Music opens up the soul so why not make more of it? Although my level of guitar-ing isn’t quite considered music yet. That’s where the practice comes in.
  • Yoga regularly. I know, everyone seems to be doing it these days. Yoga Instagram challenges and hashtags would have you believe that everyone’s 2015 resolution was to become a yogi and to #yogaeverydamnday. I will be honest with you. My downward dog is laughable and I cannot hold a tree pose. I have horrible flexibility and most times I go to yoga just as an excuse to sneak in a cat nap during savasana. But, it’s something I’ve always wanted to get better at and the meditative/spiritual aspects of it for me are unrivaled. So, I will downward dog on.


  • Hand letter every day. I adore hand lettering and it’s almost as meditative for me as yoga. I took Caroline Kelso’s hand lettering course not too long ago to grasp the basics. Hand lettering is just like guitar – your hand needs to memorize the letter strokes to become good. I’ve hand lettered a few notes and cards for family/friends so far and I hope to become comfortable and varied enough to take it one step further.
  • Write often. My passion that gets overlooked all too frequently.


  • Explore often. Take at least one trip to one new place this year.
  • Establish a regular exercise routine. I’ve been trying to keep my sanity this winter with Tone It Up workouts, Barre 3, yoga, and hopping on my bike trainer. I find Karena & Katrina from TIU to be very motivational and as a member of the nutrition plan I like how my workouts and meals are laid out for me.
  • Give back. Minimize and donate to those less fortunate.
  • Live intentionally. Be present in the moment, slow down, and drink in what the world has laid out for me.

What’s on your love list?

2 thoughts on “My Love List

  1. This is a great list! I’ve got to work on my Yoga also. I’m stretching more lately and find it so relaxing but I know I’m not doing it to my fullest.

    Good luck!

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