Progress with a Shred Program? Lessons Learned

* First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who has expressed their support and encouragement regarding NYCM with Achilles International. Your kind words keep me going. *

I am currently entering week 4 of Bobbi McCormick’s fall shred program. I have had some ups (lost a few pounds) and downs (finding the time) this past month but overall, I am pleased. My goal was to incorporate some new workouts and follow a meal plan so I could get out of the rut I was finding myself in – eating on the fly and haphazardly throwing things together. This was the source of some major frustration and stress for me much of which has since been alleviated. I find myself being more thoughtful of my meals and their timing. I am spending a little more on groceries but am eating out less often – a win in my book since I can better control the ingredients in something homemade (restaurants = a lot of sodium and other bad things). Most importantly, my energy level is back to normal and I attribute that to eating correctly. I thought it could have been thyroid related but now that I am eating cleaner, I know what the real culprit was.

Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t fallen off the wagon. Food wise I have struggled during a certain week of the month (you know what I mean, ladies) but was able to bounce back. I wanted to be as strict as I could upon beginning the program (no ice cream allowed!) but I soon realized that backfires for me. If I restrict myself I will eat as if it’s my last meal or snack on the planet. Instead, I will allow myself some treats like ice cream but I keep the serving in check and as close to my daily calorie intake as possible (My Fitness Pal has been great for this).

As for the workouts, I was stringent with these in the beginning but have fallen off the wayside a bit. I am finding it difficult to fit them all in and some of the more intense circuits I need to modify, such as anything with jumping maneuvers (I actually think my heel is sore/stiff/painful because of these). However, I am really enjoying the strength workouts and I have seen some progress. As Bobbi will tell you, progress not perfection. That is certainly true.

In the end, I am pleased that I am taking part in the program and despite finding all the time necessary, it has helped to make things a little simpler. I intend to continue on with the workouts after the end of the month and hope to closely follow another clean eating meal plan which has allowed me to incorprate new foods into my diet on a very regular basis.

Have you ever done a clean eating challenge? Any recipes you can share?


2 thoughts on “Progress with a Shred Program? Lessons Learned

  1. I love that we both posted on this today! I agree completely that I learned quickly that perfection wasn’t the answer, but have loved the workouts, the meals, and the motivation.

    Years ago I did the South Beach Diet, which helped me make my first big healthy change and lost 30 pounds. And about 7 years ago I realized I was terribly lactose intolerant and had to drastically change my diet.

  2. Like you, I’m finding that the Fall Shred has been good for eating cleaner, but difficult to fit in the all of the workouts. I’m looking forward to Bobbi’s next challenge because I need the accountability to KEEP eating clean(er).

    By the way, I caved and had ice cream, too…but only once so far (hubby made shakes with fresh pineapple and strawberries!)

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