Running Ruminations

If you’ve read some of my other posts you know that I frequently zone out while running (who doesn’t?), especially if it’s a long run. I start out really into my playlist on my iPhone and then, forget it – I’m a slave to my running ruminations. So what DO I think about?

1. Blog posts. I want to be better about writing this year so sometimes I’ll write posts in my head. And, then I forget them – probably why I haven’t posted often. Silly.

2. Running gear/clothes. Forget about shopping at a running store. Races are smorgasbords! I ALWAYS check out what everyone’s wearing, and not in some ridiculous comparative sense. I like to see what other runners are all decked out in and if I like it, chances are, I’ll look into buying it. I’ve seem some pretty awesome outfits – runners are stylish! If you catch me staring at you, I apologize. I’m definitely not trying to be creepy.

Stylish? I bet some would agree.

3. Running form. I try to keep mine in check but I also check out everyone else’s to see what’s working for them. A lot of times it helps me to focus on my own form and leads me to run a little more upright. I could definitely do a better job with this so I’m interested in learning more about Chi Running. If you’re interested, check out Pace of Me’s recent blog post about it.

4. My strength. I’ve come so far and my fitness level has exceeded my expectations. I’m proud that I am where I am and sometimes I just love being in the running moment. The winter series races I’ve been doing (30K on tap for tomorrow) are somewhat mentally draining because of the lack of scenery on the same course every other week. However, my body is getting stronger and my endurance is increasing so it’s fun to think about this because I know with each step I’m not only becoming a better runner, but also a better person (running keeps me sane).


There are so many more things I know I think about, probably too numerous to list here.

What do YOU think about when running?


3 thoughts on “Running Ruminations

  1. Good things to think about!

    I think about blog posts, too! I also think about my day, what I have to do on my "to do" list. If I'm having a bad day I like to get some of my aggression out on the road. I also concentrate on my breathing and my form.

    Sometimes I sing songs to myself, like today I had Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" stuck in my head, which is actually a pretty motivational song!

  2. It totally depends on what type of run I'm doing. If it's a long run, I think about marathon day and envision myself at mile "x" and how I'm going to feel b/c of all these long runs I am doing…If it's a speed workout, I try to think of strong things – things that will help me run faster!!
    I also sing to myself like Jamie said =) I'm sure others who don't wear headphones can hear me!! LOL
    Great post!!!

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