Running with a Heavy Heart: Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

I never knew Sherry Arnold. Over the past few weeks, though, the greater running community has gotten to know her and her tragic story.

Sherry’s disappearance and death last month has rocked the running community throughout the US and abroad to the core. Suddenly, the world was a little less safe and a lot more scary – not just for runners, but for everyone. Surely, these gruesome things don’t happen in small town America.

But, they do. And they did.

Those responsible for Sherry’s death have hearts filled with darkness. But, along with mourning death, we should also be celebrating a life well-lived. Sherry’s cousin and fellow blogger, Shut Up & Run, wants all the runners out there, including their family and friends, to celebrate Sherry by participating in the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold on February 11th. I want you to participate, too! Click on the virtual run link and print out a bib to let everyone know that Sherry is on your mind and in your heart. If you’re not a runner, it’s ok – just do something active in Sherry’s memory. I will be running and wearing my bib proudly.


It’s unfortunate that it took something like this for us to put our guards back up and question our running routines. I can only urge you to be safe on the roads, be aware of your surroundings, and never, ever put yourself in harm’s way for the sake of getting those miles in. If you run in the dark, wear your headlamp, a reflective vest/clothing, turn the headphones low or leave them home, and always steer clear of shady situations. Bring your phone with you just in case. These are all easy fixes to your routine.


3 thoughts on “Running with a Heavy Heart: Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

  1. I, too, will be running in Sherry's memory.
    Good advice about not taking uneccesary risks. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people feel there is something they could/would do to avoid a situation like this. That's called denial and simply one more reason that it could happen to us. She just happened to cross paths with some very bad men. I'm guessing they slowed their vehicle and nicely asked her how to get to the closest coffee shop. What would you do?

  2. I totally agree with you. I can't honestly say what I would do. The only thing we can do is be prepared and aware and pray to whatever god we pray to that this never happens to us or anyone we know and love.

  3. I'm running for Sherry too! We have an 8 mile race that day and all of those miles are going to be dedicated to her and we will be wearing Sherry's bib on our backs during the race.

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