Spoiled by Santa

While I didn’t get to spend as much time with my family as I would’ve liked to this Christmas, Santa certainly spoiled me in the short time I was home. My family intuitively knows me too well and what I like. While I hate asking people for things even if it IS Christmas, mom was hamstrung for new gift ideas and has no idea what running things I’m into so I graciously performed my daughterly duty and provided her with a short list of things that she…umm, Santa…could bring me. If he wanted to. Well, they both knocked it out of the park this year. Mom is crazy and likes to go all out. She says it’s because she only has two kids. Phew, good thing we don’t have a big family.

Me and my younger brother, Dave, in Harvard Yard (Oct. 2011). ;Neither one of us went there,
but we wanted to pretend like we did.

A new running skirt, some BIC bands, medal display, bike trainer, were all under the tree for me. But, while getting presents is nice, giving them is always better. Mom was surprised to find a sack of coal, a bottle of limoncello, and a cheesy harlequin romance novel entitled, “To Love a Wild Lord” in her stocking. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t like all of those things. Weird.

What was on your running gift list this year? Was Santa good to you?

2 thoughts on “Spoiled by Santa

  1. >Sounds like you got some great stuff!

    Mike and I got a bunch of running/triathlon presents including new bikes and running clothes! Mike got me the best present by buy me a Garmin 405cx, he's the best!

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