>Stockadeathon: Colonial Drummers AND a Pizza Party

>Tomorrow morning marks one of the oldest 15Ks out there and it happens to be in my backyard. Well, not really because I live at the bottom of an escarpment that is home to many small and large furry four-legged creatures, but you get my drift. The Stockade-athon takes place in the nearby city of Schenectady.

This is the first year I’m running this race and it will actually be my first time running a 15K. Last year I pigged out on too many wimpy burgers and decided not to sign up. Silly, I know, considering that it’s a great distance and the race runs through one of the oldest neighborhoods in my area. How could I say no to colonial drummers on a race course?

The highlight to tomorrow (aside from colonial drummers)? PIZZA AT THE FINISH. The course is supposed to be fairly challenging but all the good food is supposed to make up for all the pain. I’m ok with that. I’m going in to tomorrow with absolutely no expectations except to have fun and enjoy one of the last remaining days where the roads aren’t covered in snow.

If you are running tomorrow, please, say hello! I’m BIB #1671 and I’ve decided that an obnoxious shade of hot pink is perfectly acceptable.

See? So pretty it burns holes in your corneas.

One thought on “>Stockadeathon: Colonial Drummers AND a Pizza Party

  1. >I wish I had seen you at the race! I was looking for you, but if I had seen this post I would have been able to spot you a lot better 🙂

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