Training Week 2: 7/23 – 7/29

Hello all! Week 2 of Philly Marathon training is now OVER hence the title of this post which will never win an award for most inspiring and creative title.  It went well and I didn’t need to switch up days to accommodate my schedule. Here’s a brief overview of how my running went down during week 2:

Mon: XT (cycling for 40 min)

Tues: Ran 3.44 mi

Wed: Ran 5.02 mi

Thurs: Ran 3.33 mi

Fri: (praise Jesus)

Sat: Ran 5.38 mi

Sun: LSD day – 9.06 mi

As I mentioned last week, I like to run a little past my prescribed mileage for the day. This is just more mentally pleasurable for me and really has nothing to do with fitness. I don’t like seeing 4.99 mi on my Garmin knowing that I have to run 5 on Wednesdays, for example. So, I run over and all is good with the world.

What’s the deal with pacing?

My average pace across my 5 runs was about 9.01 min/mile. I don’t want to appear disappointed (I couldn’t be any happier, really!) but I know this is something I need to work on. I want to run smart and not stupid and I know that running at that pace in Philly is not in my plan. However, maybe I really have become faster and stronger over the past few months and maybe, just maybe, this is my “new” pace. I don’t know. While it’s fairly consistent from week to week my goal is to be more in the 9:15-9:30 range. But, we’ll see how I feel as the weeks progress.

How about that long, slow distance?

As for my long run last week, it was somewhat hideous. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I had to stop a few times. It was getting hot and once I stop, sometimes my mind cannot recover. This is another thing that needs some work. I have to realize that not every run is fabulous and sometimes a run is just a run. I trudged through even though I felt like I was down for the count at mile 6.

How am I feeling?

A little sore for the past 2 days. It’s either from Sunday’s 9 miler or the fact that I ate so much at Hattie’s in Saratoga that night that I had to walk around for a good hour to burn 1% of my dinner off. The soreness is only in my hips and I thought cycling yesterday would take care of it. I’m pretty sure it’s time to break out ‘ol foamy. I did a little stretching this morning but not nearly enough.

Things to look forward to this week:

  • It’s a stepdown week
  • After tonight’s run, I will have clocked over 100 miles for July which is the first triple digit month since January…and EVER (at least since I’ve been tracking it).
  • More Olympics (marathon is this Sunday!)
  • Meeting with a landscaper to finalize some drainage plans for my backyard and to work on making it pretty. I’m hoping it won’t cost nearly as much as I think it will.

Anything new and exciting to share? Do you ever stop to walk on your runs? How do you conquer a mental barrier?


One thought on “Training Week 2: 7/23 – 7/29

  1. You are doing great! If you want to find the “right” pace, most running pundits, Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway included, suggest heading to the track and doing 4 laps (called the “Magic Mile”). Suggest doing a warm-up prior and a cool down lap (or 2) and running a second one to see if the time is “sustainable”. This will give you a good base time to plug into a running pace calculator, such as the one you can find on Runner’s World and other sites, that can translate the “magic mile” pace to any other distance. All should be regarded as guidelines. But, it is an imperfect science.

    As for walking, we all do it. Or at least most of us do. Sometimes we just have a tough day to run on or we are mentally checked out. I just keep saying to myself “keep moving forward”. And try to limit the walking with either a time limit or a measurable distance (i.e. next telephone pole). Music helps me zone out from the run, too. Hope some of this at least makes a little sense 😉

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