Twitter Road Race Recap

If you are active in the Twitterverse and especially with other runners, you know that this past Saturday marked the Inaugural Twitter 5K Road Race! This was a virtual race carefully developed and executed by Doug Cassaro who is a super duper fab ultramarathoner. Check out his blog and/or on Twitter @seedouglasrun.

There was even an “official” logo. SUHweet.

The whole goal behind the TRR was to have runners of all strides and from all corners of the world share their experiences and their love of running with each other. That’s it, really. Nearly 700 people joined from more countries than I can count. If you were originally skeptical about the power of Twitter, you shouldn’t be. It’s a phenomenal way to connect and get the word out! But, I digress…

When I first saw Doug tweeting about the TRR back in December I figured, why not join? I have never done a virtual race before, 5Ks are relatively painless, and it was free. Sold. Several graphic designers even got in on the whole thing by making bibs for runners to print out and wear. Ummm, awesome? Indeed.

There was a lot of chatter on Twitter using the hashtag #TwitterRoadRace about the impending storm hitting the northeast. Living in upstate NY, I wasn’t too worried since it’s standard protocol in January to have a storm every week.

Yes, this is my backyard. Yes, I live in the woods.

Every participant was able to do the race at whatever time of day they wanted. The only real requirement was that you entered your finish time on Doug’s blog. It was a lot of fun to see everyone’s tweets throughout the day on Saturday. I felt so motivated to get out there after reading about everyone’s experiences!

I headed out fairly late (around 6pm-ish) so it was dark and slushy. We had a few inches of snow but by 6, the roads were pretty clear. No slip and fall accidents on black ice like the week before. Ouch.

Thinking I could pass for a school crossing guard in this get up.

Even though I didn’t have all 700 runners running right beside me, I still felt competitive and I think that’s what put the fun in it all. It’s funny how that happens. I set a new 5K PR for myself – 27:35. I managed to shave 25 seconds off my last 5K in August (the day before Hurricane Irene). Apparently, I only like to run 5Ks in extreme weather conditions.

Bottom line: I’d totally do another virtual race. I enjoyed hearing about everyone else’s experiences and connecting with other runners out there!

Have you ever participated in a virtual race? Set any new PRs for yourself? Like to run in crazy weather?

8 thoughts on “Twitter Road Race Recap

  1. That's awesome! Way to brave the weather AND set a PR. I think extreme weather is in your veins… next up for you must be a tough mudder… might not be weather related, but that is one tough… mudder. LOL.

  2. Great to read your story. I live in New Brunswick, Canada, and it was -12 degrees Celsius! Lots of fun though, seeing everyone's times go up!

  3. I've done some virtual races, they are the best! I am actually going to make one for my birthday!

    I don't mind running in crazy weather, Mike and I ran in the 60 mph winds Rochester had last week.

    Great job on your PR!

  4. This was my first virtual race and I absolutely loved it. Once I tweeted that I was in I couldn't back out. Even though I didn't know anyone else running I was so motivated by everyone else posting about their runs!

  5. Thanks, JAM! I'm rusty on my temperature conversation but anything with a negative sign in front of it is immediately too cold. Great job!

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