Twitter Road Race – Take Two

I’ve come to love Twitter despite my initial hesitation. There’s no other venue where you can meet and chat with so manyย runners who share the same passion as you do. I love learning about everyone’s ups and downs and their running journeys. It’s highly motivating and inspirational. What’s equally as motivating is getting the opportunity to run with all of them!

Saturday marked the spring edition of the Twitter Road Race (to catch a recap of the winter race, click here). Organized once again by Doug Cassaro, it provided the opportunity for runners across the Twitterverse to virtually run together on a designated day. Doug kindly provided race bibs for runners to print out beforehand (oops, forgot to print mine!) to get into the race spirit. There was a short sign up form and post-race all runners were asked to input their time. Easy but no less competitive!

5K split time: 26:37. Turns out I was 2nd in the W30-39 age group. Who knew!

I started out pretty fast despite running on a very full stomach (pretty much a bad idea all around). I didn’t feel the greatest about halfway through but 5K is such a short distance I knew I could just book it all the way home with enough time to shower and head to a movie. I saw The Raven if you must know. Highly recommend.

I was VERY surprised with myself. I can’t believe I keep shaving seconds off my time. I’m hoping this is a continued trend. I know I still have a lot of work to do, especially with positive splitting on longer runs. Twitter is amazingly empowering so I hope to continue sharing my successes and also my failures, even if that means falling in the road, getting scared by my own shadow, and hallucinating on longer runs – all of which have happened numerous times.

My post-run smiley self despite wanting to hurl:


If you ran the Twitter Road Race on Saturday, you should join the Twitter chat tonight at 9PM (EST)! Doug will be the moderator (follow him @seedouglasrun) and you can use the hashtag #TwitterRoadRace to participate. Hope to see you there!

ย Did you race this weekend? Conquer any new goals? Set a shiny new PR?

14 thoughts on “Twitter Road Race – Take Two

  1. <3 And I also love how wonderful and happy you look post race.

    Beautifully written. You had a great time. I hope to cut my time to that soon…. Congrats on 2nd in your division.

    1. Thank you! Usually the sensible me will wait 2-3 hours but I wasn’t feeling so sensible that day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. (and I just posted this on my comments as a reply to you, but wanted to make sure you got it too:)

    OH FUN!! So exciting that you’ll be in San Diego…do you know where your hotel is? I’ve only been jogging on Coronado, which is a quick little harbor boat ride over from mainland San Diego…and it’s TOTALLY worth coming over to Coronado if you have time for it. And then just do a loop around the island, there’s a bike path that you can follow for a lot of it. Total loop is about 7 miles, but you can always turn around halfway if you don’t want to do the whole thing!

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