What Is Going on Here?!

I’ve gone off the deep end and so has my blog.

You may have noticed that I slyly posted a book review yesterday, silently slinking (there goes the alliteration again) a new blog design under your nose. This wasn’t something I did on a whim and have been thinking about it for a while.

I have experimented with different layouts and styles over time to truly capture the essence of who I am and not to confuse you when you come here. When I started lightly writing a few years ago this was strictly a running blog. I wanted to find an outlet for the emotions that washed over me while training for my first marathon.

But, I’m not just a runner. I’m a creator and a writer and a lover of many worldly things that feed my soul and make my heart sing – everything on my love list and then some. This is a never-ending¬†lifelong process and I didn’t want to feel constricted to a platform that was one directional for me. I want to showcase my talents and talk about books and yes, also talk about running and its struggles, triumphs, and the way it has changed my life for the better.

The ironic thing? Running helped to get me here. It gave me a way to set goals for myself in a way I never had before. It allowed me to be hard on myself yet showed me how to sit back and enjoy the ride which is why I named this blog what I did a year ago.

Now, it all fits together – like your feel in a new pair of running shoes, like your pen to the paper, or your nose in that book.

So, with that said, thank you for coming back and welcome if you’ve just joined. Here’s to all of those things that make us unique and all around swell, colorful, and passionate people. Enjoy.

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