XT Love: Mountain Biking

I like mountain biking and I’m ashamed to say that I don’t do enough of it. I want that to change in 2012.

I have no intentions of crossing over into the triathlon world and am really content with focusing on long distance running. BUT, I realize how great biking/cycling (whatever you’d like to call it) is and how it could be fun to use as a form of cross training on off days in addition to my Wii Just Dance parties…with myself.

Santa really stepped up his game this year and bought me a bike trainer and the much needed climbing block. He also must have deep pockets since I asked for a really cheap one to save him some cashola and wound up getting a really nice one. I guess it pays to keep my sassiness in line.

Isn’t she lovely against the backdrop of my basement dungeon?

While the basement dungeon isn’t ideal there’s a TV down there to keep me occupied. RM said I have to stay down there because it gets too noisy and interrupts his Flying Wild Alaska marathoning. I’ve used the trainer a few times already and I don’t think it’s loud but did swap out the rear mountain bike tire for a slick one. No need to go off-roading indoors.

So, my plan for the winter is to supplement my running by hopping on the trainer on really frigid days. When it gets nicer out I’ll take the silver beast out on some trails by my house since it’s been a while. I do get a little antsy about riding far from the homestead, though. I’m hardly equipped to change a tire or fix a chain – but I’m willing to learn, hopefully not the hard way!

Do you own a mountain or road bike? Can you teach me how to change a tire? What’s your favorite form of cross training?

4 thoughts on “XT Love: Mountain Biking

  1. We just got new road bikes for Christmas, since we are going to jump into the triathlon world!

    I'm loving spinning as a form of cross-training and since I was a swimmer, swimming is good too! Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred has been keeping me busy lately.

    And no, sadly, I can't teach you how to change a tire. I NEED to learn that this year.

  2. If I learn how to change a tire before you do I'd be happy to share my new found knowledge. 🙂

    What does the 30-day shred entail? I have her Wii game but not sure I really like it.

  3. >I own a mountain bike and road bike. My husband owns 2 mountain bikes and is looking for used road bike to purchase. I currently have my road bike set up on a trainer, and he put a slick on 1 of his mountain bikes that is also set up with a trainer. We ride on them now and again. However, with snow being rare this winter, we've been able to continue riding outside a lot. Although anything below 30 degrees is a bit chilly for me.

    I can change tires and do mini-repairs. I almost always keep an extra tube+pump on me while biking (varies by route). I've only had to use it once while mountain biking. I'm not nearly fast enough at the whole process, but I can do it!

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