Yoo Hoo! + A Crazy Little Thing Called Philly

Happy Monday! It’s been a while, folks – just over a month. How have you been? Are you enjoying your summer?

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I needed to take some time to step away from the electronic devices. I’m trying to check my phone a little less, disconnect from the internet a little more, and just enjoy not feeling so tethered. I’ve even cleaned out numerous e-mail inboxes to feel more organized. Unfortunately, this has all led to less blogging – not that I blog that frequently anyway. Quite frankly, I haven’t had a whole lot to say! The summer has been quiet and relaxing and work has died down as a result. I can’t say that I mind. I just came back from a weeklong vacation down south which was very much needed for the mind, body, and soul. I love everything southern and in a past life I really think I was born there.

It’s amazing what a week away can do. I had so much spare time to run! There was no plan and I ran all but one day just for the sake of it. I hit an all time weekly mileage high of 35 miles (not including walking and ellipticaling). It was just what I needed. Why, you ask? Because training for Philly starts TODAY.

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I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I am to start this new adventure. I’m in a vastly different place than I was back in April/May and have been able to stay on the wagon with no detours. I’m seeing steady improvement in my times, I feel great, and have stayed injury free. I have used the past month and a half as my pre-marathon training if you will. I finally feel confident in starting a much anticipated plan.

Speaking of training plans there’s been a little bit of a change. I had everything mapped out according to Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 program. I decided over the weekend that I wanted to bump that up to Intermediate 1. It’s not that much different, but it enables you to run 5 days instead of 4. Because I want to shed a few additional pounds over the next 18 weeks and because I have been seeing great improvement in my running lately, I wanted to take a tiny step forward in my training. Here’s what WEEK 1 will look like:

MONDAY – XT for 30-60 minutes (will be biking)




FRIDAY – rest (yay!)

SATURDAY – 5mi pace (your goal pace for race day)

SUNDAY – 8mi

Of course, there may be some modifications, e.g. a 4-day work meeting in NYC in mid to late October which may cause a shift in my long run day (I don’t want to run more than 4 miles on a hotel treadmill…ever.) and an exception for Ragnar Adirondacks in September. I feel positive that I have built up enough of a base since RnR NOLA in March to successfully ease into Intermediate 1 and know that any modifications I need to make will be slight.

I will admit, though, that I am a little nervous about those solo long runs. I don’t mind running solo but I am hesitant about feeling prepared (e.g. hydration, nutrition, etc.) and may need to plan in advance for these, having someone drop off water to me or running with a hydration pack. I’ll decide on my approach when those runs get closer.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging over the next 18 weeks but it will surely be at least once a week. I want to be able to recap my training and provide advice and support wherever I can. And, I don’t want to blog just for the sake of it. So, until my next post, happy running!

Any summer races on your schedule? How have you been handling running in this oppressive heat? Are you (or have you) run the Philly Marathon before?


7 thoughts on “Yoo Hoo! + A Crazy Little Thing Called Philly

  1. Running in the heat has been especially hard this summer. I feel for you. For hydration/nutrition on the long run, I have a few ideas since it is probably impractical for you to take it all with you unless you have a camelback (which I find annoying). If you can’t get anyone to meet you, try staging water/gatorade along your route. I do my long runs with my running club, so we put it out along the trail for our runners, but if you can’t do that, find a running trail and just set out bottles in spots along the trail. If you run in the city or suburbs, I have actually contacted a few businesses along the streets and asked them if they would mind holding onto my water bottles/Gatorade for me. I have never had anyone turn me down and most went out of their way to help. Long runs can be hard to do solo, especially in the heat so I try to either get a running partner, or someone to meet me at least for the last few miles (if not a marathon runner).

    Good luck with your training and with the Philly marathon. I have never run it, but I have family in Wilmington DE, and it might be a good one to try someday. Best of luck!


  2. Good luck. I am doing Hal’s Intermediate I for the Marine Corps Marathon, so I’m a few weeks ahead of you.

    This summer has been tough. I’m doing a number of things to deal with it which will be revealed in tomorrows blog pots.

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